« El Barranco de Taborno »

This canyon is located in the Anaga massif in the northern part of the island. It’s a dry canyon, down a breathtaking 600 metres deep valley.

The canyon being in the north of the island, the flora there is particularly exuberant, contrasting with the rest of the island.

This canyon is more like vertical hiking with only 3 rappel spots. The hike is wonderful in this gorge overhanged by the Taborno rock, leading to a creek and a black sand beach. There you will enjoy a well-deserved lunch break before hiking back up.

The difficulty of the canyon is average. There aren’t many rappel spots, but getting out of the canyon takes a long time and is the real difficulty.

[sws_ui_tabs ui_theme= »start » size= »665″][tabs_panel title= »Schedule : « ]About 6 hours of hiking, with a picnic break included. [/tabs_panel] [tabs_panel title= »On-foot approach : »]About 45 min. [/tabs_panel] [tabs_panel title= »Back on foot : »]About 2 hours. [/tabs_panel] [/sws_ui_tabs][sws_ui_tabs ui_theme= »start » size= »665″][tabs_panel title= »Conditions for practising : « ]This canyon is open to people from 12 years old in good physical condition to make the most of the activity. It’s an easy canyon but one has to make quite a long effort. The difference in height is quite important : more than 600 metres (650 yds). If you have a specific medical condition, please get in touch with me. [/tabs_panel] [tabs_panel title= »Equipment : »]I provide all the technical equipment – harness, bag and waterproof can, neoprene suit, helmet. I provide a pick up and drop off service. Please let me know when you book if you need a drive and I will organise a meeting time and place. [/tabs_panel] [tabs_panel title= »You need to bring : »]Sport shoes like sneakers or hiking shoes, hiking clothes (shorts and a tee-shirt), a swimming suit, a cap, sun cream, 2 or 3 litres of water per person (the temperature is always warm in Tenerife) and lunch (sandwiches being the most adequate because it’s an easy fit in the waterproof cans). [/tabs_panel] [/sws_ui_tabs][sws_ui_tabs ui_theme= »start » size= »665″][tabs_panel title= »Group : »]From 1 to 8 people max. [/tabs_panel] [tabs_panel title= »Meeting time : »]8 am at Las Carboneras village. [/tabs_panel] [tabs_panel title= »Price per person : « ]80€. Contact me directly for a group rate. [/tabs_panel] [/sws_ui_tabs]