The guide – Benjamin

Growing up in Ardèche, a mountainous region in the South-East of France, I quickly became passionate about outdoors sport : climbing, hiking, canyoning… Then, my studies in sports took me to the Alpes, and I discovered high mountains and new sports : mountaineering, ski-mountaineering, snowshoeing…

During my studies, I specialized in adapting sports to handicapped people and passed a degree in ski for the disabled.

Then I chose to specialize in canyoning and passed an international degree allowing me to teach it.

During various trips I took, I had the opportunity to explore a great variety of canyons, from the very wet canyons of the French Alpes and of the New Zealand Alpes, to the more athletic one of the Pyrennes to Switzerland and Hawii and its beautiful landscapes.

When I discovered Tenerife Island in the Canaries, it gave birth to a new idea : in the heart of an archipelago where islands with wet climate can be found next to desert islands, where a 3700m summit goes down into the Atlantic Ocean’s black beaches, I want to share my experience and my skills to help you enjoy the not so well-known canyons of tenerife.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sportsman/woman, you will thus be able to discover the magnificient landscapes of Canarian canyons, where cacti and pine forests grow next to one another, under the piercing eyes of eagles. Some of the canyons flow directly into the Atlantic Ocean, with the possibility to go back ashore by boat.

I want this opportunity to be given to the great majority of people : families, the young, sensory deficient people, tourists as much as local people. This is why I would also like to create a club like structure in the medium term, to make people aware of this demanding, a little exreme but so exciting sport.

So, see you soon in the canyons !